Porto di Amalfi

Pontile Marina Coppola


Porto di Amalfi Pontile Marina Coppola
Berths mooring and temporary-mooring
for boats and yachts
up to 33-35 mt

Tel./Fax +39.089.873091
Tel./Fax +39.089.857538

Mobile +39.339.4224484

VAT ID 05402330657
Marina Coppola Amalfi Italy
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Amalfi Pontile Marina Coppola
Tel./Fax +39.089.873091 +39.089.857538
Mobile +39.339.4224484
E-mail: info@amalfimooring.it
E-mail: info@ormeggiamalfi.it
Marina Coppola Amalfi Italy

Amalfi Harbour



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